why color analysis

Getting to know yourself is also a process.  Understanding your body and features...what works for them and then...accepting it.

I am a big believer in getting an outside opinion. Because we have selective hearing...where we hear what we want to. We have selective viewing...see and exagerating the negative...seeing what others have said to us...what magazines and films are saying. The best way to get feedback is to know what you need to analyze...colour is a good place to start. Even if you are working from a small budget...and especially then...invest in a great colour consultation and shop in your cupborard or at thrift stores for a while. Why?

1. AHA MOMENT. Everything starts to makes sense...I gave a workshop on Monday and a woman said..."now I understand...why I love somethings and not others" It provides you with a language to describe who you are in colour and hence you will be able to look at your moodcard..and say..Aha...I like that not because of the shape..but because of the colour. Or that colour won't support me showing up...even though it is beautiful.

2. CONTROL. You are in control in stores and with the media. When you walk into a shop and feel overwhelmed it's because you don't know what works. You may be attracted to a rack...because it has been wonderfully arrranged and not because it is for you. After a colour analysis it becomes so much easier to walk away from what really won't work for you. You can take control of how much the media influences you...and are much less susceptable to buying something because it is trending. You will ask yourself the million dollar question...will it work for my coloring, lifestyle and wardrobe.

3. JOY. When you truly understand your colours...who you are in colour...you can accept that God has made you the way you were supposed to be...if He had wanted you to have high contrast...you would have it. If He had wanted you to have low contrast...you would have it. Colour analysisfrees you up to love how you were made...and to love how others are made.

4. BASICS. You identify which colours you need as basics...so that everything combines. It explains why some outfits are easy to put together and others such a challenge...it makes a shopping list easier to create.

5. CREATIVITY. When you know what works it frees you up to experiment and not worry about costly mistakes. Creativity always needs room to experiment...but when you have no idea which colors suit you two things happen. You either stick to a very small range...fearful that other colours might overpower you...or you try everything...and have a very challenging time creating outfits.

The Singer Sargent paininting of Madame X teaches us the principle of repition. Her dress, the background the furniture all repeat her natural colouring...so and support her...bringing the focus to her face. this happens to Sandra Bullock in the long brown dress..although I would have gone for warmer jewelry. Still...she looks like a modern Singer Sargent painting of Madame X...and shares her confidence. 

In the second long dress, even though it is light fabric for her visual depth, the wonderful rich colours fully support her. Knowing her colours and style would allow Sandra to understand that top colours in the short dress work for her...but the overall effect not...for her visual weight there is too little fabric...and the black in combination with the light fabric...becomes to heavy. The grey dress: tooo complex and too light in contrast, distractingfrom her rich beauty. Alsothe grey dress enough is not fluid enough in fabric.

Having your colours done is the begininng of a whole new way of looking at yourself and your wardrobe. Perhaps you are at a place where this sounds interesting......



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