how to buy glasses

1. TAKE PHOTOS of you in at least 10-15 pairs....5 that do not work, 10 that you think do.

2. PAY ATTENTION TO CONTRAST: people with high contrast can wear high contrast colouring in glasses as an inherent style. Those with low contrast will look inherent in lower contrast and those with medium/blended contrast look best in medium contrast glasses.

3. USE YOUR HAIR, EYE, SKIN with clothing, glasses draw attention to your face when they repeat your colouring...

4. KNOW YOUR VISUAL WEIGHT is is light if your hair color is light, fine and short. Heavy if hair is dark, long and thick. You maybe be medium. It is important to understand your overall visual weightto understand if frames overwhelm or underwhelm your face. ( you can also review my posts on visual weight)

5. FOLLOW THE SHAPE OF YOUR EYEBROWS...check that you follow the shape...straight...very curvy in order to create an inherent look.

6. MATCH YOUR JAW that your glasses arrive at the widest part of your jaw or cheek...but do not go over or under

7. DEFINE YOUR STYLE STATEMENT...natural, romantic...dramatic.....decide in advance how you want to show up in your glasses

8. ANALYSE THE you see the person first or the glasses. What do you want to achieve with your glasses? Drama or naturalness, creativity or classic elegance?

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