unique basics

These are pictures of Elsa Peretti from the early seventies showing how she dressed to present her personality, expertise and vision.  As a jewelry desiogner for Tiffany her clothes needed to be creative as well as basic enough to serve as a backdrop for her designs. Basic means plain non-decorated. However, if you have only basic white tshirts and shirts with basic standard blue suits...you may feel frustrated with your wardrobe. When basics become too standard you will be unable to express your vision and personality. You are missing UNIQUE basics. It may be a white tshirt...that is actually cream, made of silk and cut in an elegant or creative manner. Your blue suit may have a jacket that has no buttons and drapes at the front. Both these pieces are basic in that they can be combined with most every thing in your wardrobe...but they are special in terms of fabric, shape and cut. To know what you need take stock of what you already have.

1. Write down all that you own in categories. This is the best way to see what is going on...and it really sheds light on what is happening inside your wardrobe. So list the items and the colours. Ex 10 pairs trousers: 2 brown cotton casual, 5 black cotton casual etc.

2. Look at where you have an excess...ie. 20 brown pullovers. But not enough trousers

3. Clarify what you are missing. I have not enough light coloured tops or no dressy tops for evening events.

4. Analyse why it is missing: This is often an area that isn't easy for you to find/buy. Maybe you have a hard time getting jackets that fit...so you keep buying the ..hoping one will work for you. A wardrobe audit may identify the need fora custom made jacket. so instead of all the ones sitting in your wardrobe not working...you will have one that does the job.

5. Decide what three pieces would make getting dressed easiest and provide you with the most confidence. if this is difficult for you drop me a line.

Very enlightning thing to do.... years ago I read in Malcom Gladwell'sTipping Point about research from Harvard. People's friends ( who had known them for over 20 years) were given a questionaire to fill out. At the same time complete strangers were given the same questions and and 20 minutes alone in their wardrobe. Amazingly, the strangers were able to answer more and more in depth than the friends. So...what is your closet telling you...and what needs to happen there? Be gentle on yourself...style is a process...and we are all on a journey!

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