your best basics

Most women have a wardrobe full of clothes but nothing to wear. Why?

Because their clothing does not combine easily. And so they go get more orphans...and getting dressed becomes ever more complex and challenging. Sticking to simple basics..clothes with no embellishment and pattern...will help you create a 100% wardrobe. Taking stock of your existing wardrobe, seeing what is missing may result in needing only 2 or 3 items for the fall season...that will empower you to look great. So getting dressed is a simple act...rather than one of mass consumption....and stress. A clothes diet is taking stock of what is working and what isn't for you. As a healthy food diet is about eating what gives you energy and is a healthy wardrobe. How I help you build a wardrobe of basic works:

1. We try and create 10 outfits you love. We analyse if this is easy...why and why not. Is there a visible shopping pattern...lots of tops but no bottoms. Maybe dresses but no shoes to go with them. What is happening in your closet.

2. We identify your current basics. quality, style, color and fit.

3. We analyse pieces you never wore....because I wanted more glamour, more boldness, more elegance, more confidence.

4. We identify what you want more of...loose and flowly structed and fitting according to your Style Statement. And plan your new basics accordingly. Fluid trouser vs slim fit. Simple studs...or a bold diamond statement necklace. Always ensuring that any new basic...and can be easily combined. and daily wearable for your lifestyle.

5. We create a list of only 3-6 items....those 6 basic items that will radically change how your wardrobe works

Basics aren't borning...basics are pieces that make your life and getting dressed easy...and fun. Book a consultation and learn how to build your own unique signature style with basics.

Lisa PippusComment