elegance & curves

Effortless chic has a lot to do with clothes that hang from the shoulder...and have a breezy, easy feel. Effortless elegance gives you the feeling that the alarm went off late, you jumped up, ran to your wardrobe and pulled on the first thing there. And since you have only fab things in your closet...you look divine. This style is associated with Emmanuele Alt, Carine Roitfeld, Kate Moss and Sofia Coppola: women with H figures. Meaning from the high hip down straight....no curvy thighs and no large busts. This is the current body of choice in fashion...hence in magazines and fashion shows. We would need to move over to music to see Jennifer Lopez, Shakira or or Beyonce with their curves.

If we look at skinny jeans on a hanger we see they are really designed for an H figure...stright up and down. But what if we are curvy and want the effortless look too? What if we want the efforltess look rather than the polished one. Polished being very groomed, very matched and carefully chosen. How to find your version ofEmmanuele Alt with her skinny jeans and mens shirts? Use interior spaces to help you:

1.  Looking atinteriors is a good way to get in touch with what you truly love. Often with our bodies we are closed...saying this won't work...I can only wear this. With interiors we come open and ready to learn. Analyze your interior...do you like the colours, gray and black or gray and white...or is it the fabric...soft pale velvet or sleek chocolate and black. Mabe pale yellow and blue.

2. Look at the colours that keep repeating.

3. Identify if you like very sleek and modern....or old French un matched and distressed. A one piece dress, combinations skirt or top and trouser look. Lots of texture and colour shadeing or smooth and monotone.

4. Pinpoint the amount of detail: French rooms with fine accents...or rustique rooms with none. This will help you determine the amount of detailing to add to your clothes...a soft busy bowtie neckline...or a simple silk collarless shirt.

Connect your your style inspiration to your body to make it work for you...changing any stiff fabric for soft...going for draping and ease. Effortless chich means going easy on jewlry...maybe a simple chain around your neck...a few leather braid bracelt...all so they look like you slept in them...and never need to make an effort!

5. Decide where you want/need soft and loose....where you want fitted. For example loose black dolman jersey dress...fitted beige suede boots to create bridge to your hair.

Now you can look at your style inspiration....if it is Emanuelle Alt in skinny jeans plus man's shirt...you can keep exchange the mans shirt for a soft silk blouse that will drape over your curvy body effortlessly. If it is a skinny little dress worn by Kate Moss you can do a soft black dolan sleeve dress that softly drapes...and get your effortless look. Ot at the end of the day go for fitted...polished and groomed. You decide!

ps. I just love the easy dress Catherine Deneuve is wearing...as a non-smoker say the look doesn't need a cig...but hey....

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