aligning communication

 Let me show you what aspects I take into consideration in a colour and style analysis. We learn about our colouring, proportion and form in realtionship to others. I know I am light in contrast to Catherine Zeta Jone's depth of colouring. I know I have an A shaped body relative to Sienna Miller's H. So I have some pictures and videos for you to watch that will hopefully help you see relatve differences. What you can look for:

1. Face size in relationship to height and facial feature size: this will help you choose pattern. Dolarge scale prints honour their fuller features...or would smaller, refined prints repeat their feature size.

2. Activity: is there a sense of smoothness and stillness...or is there a sense of activity in the face. Watch the videos of Catherine Deneuve in relation to Sarah Jessica Parker. Where do you see more stillness...where more activity, more gestures, more animation.

3. Visual weight: is there a sense of all over visual weight in the features, the hair the body or is it all light? maybe mixed. This will help you understand if light chiffon would work...or if more layers of chiffon would be needed or even lined chiffon to give weight.

4. Walk and movement. Watch the stillness ofCatherine Deneuve sings and the springiness of Sarah Jessica Parker walks.

5. Voice: high pitched, girly, breathless, deep, quick or slow

6. Body: moulded requiring soft, fluid clothing or skeletal able to wear crisp, structered or tighter clothing

In the photos...where do you first see Catherine Deneuve? Where do the clothes overwhelm her: the print, the fabric, the accessories. If Catherine had a twin and they looked physically the same...the voice, walk and animation could be entirely different. This reminds us of how truly we each are... and how clothing is one way to communicate and honour who we are.

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