color. style. energy.


Style is dress, colour, body language and voice because people see us in 3 D. The more aware we are of our visual and verbal communication style...the more we can positively impact and influence our audience. Beyond content (which is clearly crucial) it is important to think about the level of energy you wish and are able to bring to a situation. You can do this through:

1. COLOR: are you giving a presentation and need to hold the attention of your audience. Or is understated and quiet elegance your requirement? Do you have the energy to wear bright red all day and be on stage for 8 hours? O do you desire to be in the background observing.

2. STYLE: conservative, dramatic or creative...or a 20/80 combination?

3. BODY LANGUAGE: relaxed...or present and upright. Open or closed? enthusiastic or thoughtful?

4. VOICE: articulated and clear....with an outward energy...or inward and contained?

Here are three interviews…Italian women involved in fashion. Do their clothing styles match their level of energy? Aligned visual and verbal energy level allows you to connect to people the way you need to. Enjoy the interviews with Benedetta Barzini, Giovanna Battaglia and Franca Sozzani.

Benedetta communicates low energy when the interviewer asks how her opinion on law in Italy banning size zero models. More passion would be convincing about such a hot topic. And while her body language conveys a lack of interest.. her vocabulary show a high level of interest. Seemingly mixed messages. This is the quandry we put our audience in when our messages are mixed. Consistency is clothes, colour, voice, body language and energy level.

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