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The woman on the left may or may not know that simply from looking at her people will presume to know:

  • Her level of professionalism and credibility
  • Her level of ease with upper management
  • Her confidence and comfort being visible
  • Her education and experience

She may not know that low level of contrast is making her invisible...and that the shirt hanging out and wrinkles at her knees identify a lack of sophisitication. She may believe that because she is wearing a jacket...she is dressed up. Fair or not, her appearance will influence the opinions of clients, colleagues and superiors. That's why acquiring the skill of dressing for success is crucial...if you want to influence people and ensure promotion. When you enter a room for the first time, it takes less than 3 seconds for people to form a perception around you and your abilities. You may be very talented and experienced. You will confuse people if your body language and clothes tell another story. If this is you...a style consultation could help you understand the story your appearance is currently telling. Toastmasters Communication Training provides invaluable feedback...for only a few euros a month.

Rachidi Dati former French justice minister

Rachidi Dati former French justice minister

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Here we can see the opposite...trying to be visible with too high contrast...as with the woman on the right. her black and white shiny outfitlets us know she is not completely comfortable and accepting of her natural contrast...and maybe not of herself. This ends up ina low level of sophistication, style and presence. She may have mastered verbal communication strategies for increasing her impact and influence. But her work will be seriously undermined if she doesn't understand the importance of defining her brand and dressing for impact and visibility. It is one thing to understand that a polished style will help you move to the next level...another to know what steps to take to get there.  An authentic polished presence takes both skill and self-awareness and accetance. Invest in coaching if you know you are lacking this skill...be it toastmasters or a style analysis.

The'Halo Effect' has proven that most people who look successful and well-educated recieve preferential treatment in almost all their social and business enocunters. Naturally, successful dress cannot put an incompetent woman in the board room. But incorrect dress can certainly play a role in keep her out.

Business verbal communication and business visual communication both require that you know your audience, identify what will be right for your target group and the occasion. This depends on the industry norms, culture, company, division. function and country. While your attire is a vehicle for personal expression...you can pay a price for violating the written and unwritten codes of your culture. Around spohistication...know the price before you pay.

Look at the two women in grey outfits...how long does it take to identify who has the higher level of sophisitication?

And the two in dresses...who hasmore sophistication here?

If you want to achieve sophisitication both casually in jeans or more formally in a dress or suit. Contact me to set up a free needs analysis.

Italian woman in luxurious cashmere by ww.thesatorialist.com

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