your best proportions


How do we evaluate clothing..consciously or unconsciously? According to four factors, though not in any specific order:

1. Style

2. Colour

3. Fit

4. Percieved value

Proportion is a large part of what makes up fit. Too long sleeves can make a woman look lost...even such a beautiful one as Angelina Jolie. Even though the style is a classic, the material most likely high quality Italian wool....when the fit is off....the woman inside the coat looks a bit lost. Bracelet or 3/4 sleeves are a gift for most women...they immediately draw the eye upward...try it for yourself! And so even though grey and black is not an optimal colour choice for Angie...she looks much smarter.....more confident and polished with the 3/4 sleeves. 

Know your best proportions. Wear long or extra long sleeves if:

  • You have long legs
  • The jacket fits around the armholes
  • Your long sleeves look intentional

If you have short legs...3/4 sleeves are your best friend....your legs will gain a few centimeters in length. So when you are about to buy that jacket or coat and the sales assistants saylong sleeves are will know if it is a good trend for you or not!

Lisa PippusComment