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The Alexandra Byrne costumes for Elizabeth are great example of keeping contrast low and adding visual excitement with texture and trim detail...in order to keep the face framed. As is the width of the white trim on the brown Chanel jacket also allows the models face to stay in focus.

shutterstock_75082369 (2).jpg

On the left photo the woman's face is  overwhelmed by the contrast and width of the black binding . In addition the beautiful soft waves of her hair are not repeated and honoured with the square lines of the trim. The result: two parts...her face is one and the outfit another...rather than harmony and wholeness. On the right Wendy's face is highlighted by the size of the trim.  The softness curve of the trim at the neckline repeats the soft upswept hairdo. Click on photo for more outfits and her website.




With Victoria Beckham the binding serves to ground the outfit and the light contrast...bringing the eye toward her hair and eyes. And with the young man...the fuller binding is repeated and balanced by the fullness of his lips...we see him.


Here with Carine Roitfeld...where do you see her most? Which binding or band supports her most?


With the St John jacket on the left...could you wear it and be easily seen...or would you need stronger make-up...or glasses.? Would it be an inherent look for you...or a dramatic one? Because of the contrast or the width of the braid...or both? Or do you need the fineness of a Chanel jacket trim?

Romy Schinder.jpg

Finally...notice how Beyonce does low or no contrast when she uses wider bands or binding. Image if both band were in fuschia....it would require more makeup, stronger lipstick ...to keep the focus on her face.

What is the take home? Know what frames YOUR face...the way you want it too! And have fun playing dress up and trying put new oufits!

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