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Anesha Awasthi www.girlwithcurves.com

Anesha Awasthi www.girlwithcurves.com


Women are traditionally shallower breathers than men. Are you breathing deep down from within your belly filling your body with air or taking short little shallow breaths....causing you to speak quickly and lose volume, clarity and impact. I worked with a young woman who was frustratedher staff wasn't doing what she had requested. She gave them tasks were simple and straightforward....or so she thought. We roleplayed both her giving the tasks and her a checking back to see why the tasks hadn't been done properly. The young woman came to realize howquickly she spoke...sending the message to her counterpart she couldn't own her authority...she just wanted to get the conversation over with. Breathing deeply and articulating clearly allows people to hear what you have to say.  My client discovered she wasn't 'bossy and mean' when she took up space and spoke with impact and influence. To the contrary...she was empowering others to do the job well and achieve success.

When you dress to take up space....you inspire others to do the same! Take up space by high contrast....by textured low contrast...by dramatic cut.  As a famous jazz musician once said...either you are appearing...or disappearing.

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