wearing drama


“The key to colour harmony is the inner light that you have, a quality of colour that is unique to you.” Suzanne Caygill


You have an inheresnt color palette and a dramtic one...when you know both then you can choose which one to use for which situation. Helping you shine your inner light is a priviledge..and a process that takes time. It takes time to learn how to play the piano...you can't learn tennis or English in one session. And your beauty, vision and personality are equally complex.  As Monet said on his deathbed at 90..."Bring me my brushes...I think I have almost got it." My job is simply to facilitate peeling back layers to let that light shine forth...ever brighter. Clearly...not a one and done matter! You need time to uncover where you want to go...and I need time...to get you! Right now, you may be in a romantic period, a power dressing phase or a dramatic one. To understand where you want to go...around drama..here are a couple of questions you can ask yourself:


Do I also know my inherent look...the one that most expresses the essential me?

Do I want my dramatic look to be ++ or +++ or +++++++? What is my comfort zone at the moment? My need?

Where do I want to wear this look and how will it support me?

Am I wearing this look to express another side of me...or to cover up something?

If I take off my dramatic look do I feel fine with who I inherently am?

How can I express more of who I am..with less drama...or more?


Lisa PippusComment