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I originally posted this in  2013 with the title "Fashion fades and style is eternal". The Yves Saint Laurent quote is timely, since I just arrived back from Paris and a visit to 5 Avenue Marceau. And the relevance of his words came to life by the number of (mostly) women willing to wait outside on a cold Parisian November Friday for an over an hour. The pull, dear readers...of eternal style. And the pull of YSL clothing that truly stands the test of time....as simply and beautifully divine even after 40 years. Elegant and made to highlight the wearer, it is style not fashion that inspires. Because it touches a place deep in our soul that says even 40 years after the fact...it and we are still beautiful. So here is the original post...I hope you enjoy it!

Jessica Alba is a beautiful young woman. Her choice of the Kenzo coat is simply an example of what happens when we choose a trend that overwhelms us. Elegance I can use classic or funky...creative or dramatic items. Eternal style ensures choices you are seen. You wear the clothes...not them wearing you. Let us look at what happend with Jessica:

1. Jessica has very soft coloring and the intense hue of the coat overwhelms her. Hence we see it her. On the runway it would have been a very tall model intensely made up...not something Jessica wants to do in broad daylight.

2.  Jessica is curvy and delicate. The coat is large and heavy and all that blue fabric really weighs her down.

3. It is too long...perhaps had it been shorter and she had worn a hair colour pencil skirt under it and hair coloured shoes she could have made it work for her.

4. The shoes are too heavy for her delicate ankles and together with the heavy coat - don't allow the eye to travel to her beautiful face.

 If she loves the coat and it touches her soul...of course she needs to wear it. How to wear it the so more of her appears? for example, by pairing it with fine caramel shoes and skinny trousers in her hair colour so that we are constantly drawn upward towards her face. Then we would see both physical her and her soul's love for cobalt blue!

Brown shoes...or gold would have been great with the brown dress. And in the other photos...they speak for themselves. She shines! A lesson for us all...do we shine in our clothes...or do the clothes shine!

If you are interested in learning more about how to define and build a wardrobe based on your 'eternal style' read more HERE.

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