love your beauty


About ten years ago I had a client, who, when shown her skin color...said "that is the most horrible color ever". I asked why she experienced this emotional to the color and she explained...  as a child whenever they were out shopping and she her mum came across a carpet or coat in this toffee color, her mum would remark " what a horrible color." And this became imprinted on her brain, that this shade of brown...was horrible. She had never before realized that it was the exact shade of her skin.  If your primary caregiver hasn't described in uplifting terms your will you know it. And accept it. And even it?Because as you grow, surrounded by all the media fashion and celebrity imagery...unless you recognize someone who looks just like you, understanding and appreciating your beauty will be a challenge. To help her move beyond this negative emotional reaction she received homework. To find, buy and wear a top in this particular shade. And when she came to the door, the beaming smile on her face...showed how she, in the space of a few short days, had come to see that this shade loved her. the glorious shade, had loved her long before she learned to it. We cannot feel beautiful and hate the colors of our eyes or the lines in our face. Feeling beautiful requires learning the language of your beauty. the language of your physical beauty: eye, skin and hair color, shape, volume and line. And then the language of your soul inspiration...all that which you are drawn to. 


T.S Eliot wrote " For last years words belong to last year's language. And next year's words await another voice."  Now is the time to own your style and beauty voice. Because within is contained personal power and innate style sense.


How do you regain the language of your beauty? By recognising....


1. THE COLORS of your hair, skin, eye colors. This doesn't mean you can only wear them! It simply describes your nuances of color. 

2. TAKING TIME to accept them. If these colors weren't presented to you in glowing terns as a will need time to love them.

3. THE LINES in your face...straight, curved, sysmetrical, asymmetrical. Look at at furniture and art to see what you are drawn to. You will be surprised how that which you ar drawn to...repeats you!

4. THE SPACE between your features. And then the amount of space in fabric, scarves and jewelry you love. Do you like prints that are large and spacious...or fine and compact?

5. THE VISUAL WEIGHT  of your hair and features. 

Just as no two lilies, roses or daisies are alike.... no two redheads, blondes or brunettes are. Each of us is uniquely made and appreciating this uniqueness allows you to tap deeply into your intuitive sense of style. You are drawn to lines, shapes and colors that repeat who you are. Not only does understanding your beauty increase frees you up to look at and enjoy the beauty of others. Knowing every woman has been given a beautifully unique language. And every woman can become fluent in her beauty and style language. This is empowering! 


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