how can visual communication maximize leadership potential?

A. Not long ago, visualization was a nice-to-have skill. Today visual communication is a crucial skill for every manager because it is the only way to communicate the work they do. Data is the primary force behind this shift. Decision making increasingly relies on data, which comes at us with such overwhelming speed and volume. We can only understand it through clear simple visualization. 

This requires a mental shift and training: using visuals clearly and simply requires self-awareness regarding every aspect of your communication.  What impression does my appearance make?  How easily can the audience grasp my PPT?  How convincing is my verbal message? How congruent is my communication?  This is an holistic approach based on Steve's Job's credo: "Design is not how it looks. Design is how it works.". Ensuring that your visualization skills are successful is essential to effective communication today.


how can i tell a team member he/she needs more executive presence?

A. It is crucial that you convey a sense of urgency regarding change. I am the coaching/workshop facilitator and supply the communication tools but you are the sponsor of the training and must convey how necessary change is. It is crucial you are fully- prepared to do this . Coaching your discussion will ensure your message is clear, convincing and able to positively influence.


how many large are your workshops?

A. Six is the maximum for a workshop where each person can fully participate and be assured of enough time to create sustainable results. For larger groups I will give an interactive talk, calling upon individuals to come forward and receive love coaching. Either way the event is fun, challenging and results-oriented.


can everyone learn to maximize their personal brand?

A. A powerful personal brand is not luck or talent...it is a series of learnable skills. People are weak in an area because they have not had the chance to learn a particular skill. Once the skills of empathy, appearance, body language, PPT is  demystified...the practical work of practicing this skill can start. And growth is guaranteed.


how does your online learning work?

A. Over the past five years I have developed an online program able to create powerful transformation. The secret to successful online coaching is to have a very clear course outline and yet be flexible as a coach to encourage and motivate each individual. Online coaching has a minimum of four sessions in order to allow for review, realignment, more practise. This is the road to mastery.