lisa maria pippus
lisa maria pippus
coaching personal brand re-invention

Finding joy through creating joy!

This saying expresses my commitment to help people transform their communication through discovering everything that is authentic, truthful and creative in their story. I believe my work is about learning, growing and flourishing in order to regain personal power. Some years ago I decided to stop renting office space and work out of the atelier in my home in Berlin Moabit.  What a powerful transformational change it has been. Although I initially made the decision for financial reasons working in this space has re-connecteded me to the desire to coach in intimate creative space.  Because this is clearly also a living space I have been freed from any attempt to make it look 'corporate'. And discovered the down-to- earth simplicity of this beautiful graffiti filled old heritage building allows us to throw of formality and dive into our work together. 

Lisa crosses the bridges between aesthetic analysis and psychology to explore the visual characteristics of style and the personality underpinning it.
— A. Wroblewska South Africa

you always had the power

my dear.

you just needed to learn it

for yourself!

the wizard of oz


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