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Discover a new perspective and a more impactful way to share your story visually and verbally

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Re-invent your professional style with the timeless principles of color & proportion & visual harmony

Self-awareness is an essential leadership skill. You need to be able to lead yourself successfully before leading others. That is why understanding how people truly see you is so crucial. Defining how you want to be seen is the first step to reaching your communication goal.  Recognizing the 16 communication types &  how they are influenced helps you uncover undervalued strengths & talent. And consistent practise empowers you to successfully express your personality, expertise and vision

Lisa’s thorough preparation empowered me to dress and speak with authenticity and impact at the assessment center.
— N.L.

Clothing is a highly sophisticated language that you can learn. So that people immediately identify you as an expert in your field. Define your Style Statement. Master color, line and proportions. Successfully follow & break dress codes. Develop your signature style. Spend less and influence more

My clothes project more clarity, I motivate more effectively and deal with conflict more professionally. Thank you.
— Claudia Frank, Probant and Partner
It’s remarkable how easily and quicklyLisa creates visual transformation. without dictating right or wrong.
— Cara Noble, Munich