lisa maria pippus
lisa maria pippus
coaching personal brand re-invention




leverage the tight bond

between content and design.

so your dress, speech, PPT

and body language are aligned.



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what our collaboration looks like

simple concise  communication

Your 3-adjective description is your rock solid foundation for evaluating all future visual and verbal communication. It provides a consistent vocabulary and approach so your message is easy to identify...for you and others.

clear desired visible outcome

When you nail down exactly what visible outcome you expect from the coaching it comes easy to evaluate your role play video or analyze your outfit photos. Your choices become clearly focused and disciplined toward your vision. We believe people we trust. and don#t believe people we can't understand. Clarity is your key to trust.

creative illumination

Your personality, expertise and unique experience have the power to illuminate your speech and dress come alive.  Creativity is harnessing the power of your unique perspective because this is what will truly connect you to your target group.

 user-centered mindset

We review, re-align and rehearse our speech or outfit staying 100% focused on your target group and what you want to stand for with them,that is user friendly and impactful. Message that is seen, heard and valued.


personal branding

share your story with impact

Lisa’s thorough preparation empowered me to dress and speak with authenticity and impact at the assessment center.
— N.L.

dress to express

personality, expertise & vision

It’s remarkable how easily and quickly Lisa creates visual transformation. Without dictating right or wrong.
— Cara Noble, Munich
If you think you are already excellent, there is no one better than Lisa to take you to the next level.
— Andreas Damaske, CEO Bayer Romania