lisa maria pippus
lisa maria pippus
personal brand re-invention

                         "aint no rules around here.

                          we're trying to

                     build something."

                                                                                                                said by Thomas Edison


Personal re-invention isn't limiting. It is about change & growth. Learning visual &verbal communication skills to

become the best person you possibly can. There is a tight bond between design and content. That's why your visual

and verbal message needs consistency and cohesion. Feedback ensures you are seen and heard the way

you want to be.


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Package 1

 Personal Branding 

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Package 2

Dress to Express 



Be ready on your big day


You need to lead yourself successfully before leading others.  Feedback on  how people perceive your brand empowers you to re-align your communication. So your message reflects who you are and what you stand for.

Lisa’s thorough preparation empowered me to dress and speak with authenticity and impact at the assessment center.
— N.L.


Look like you mean business


Clothing is a sophisticated language of timeless principles: color, proportion and style. The art and science of dress  allows you to visually express your personality, vision and expertise authentically and confidently.

It’s remarkable how easily and quickly Lisa creates visual transformation. Without dictating right or wrong.
— Cara Noble, Munich

There's a tight bond between

content and design.

That's why a

cohesive personal

message is crucial.


Are you ready?







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If you think you are already excellent, there is no one better than Lisa to take you to the next level.
— Andreas Damaske, CEO Bayer Romania