style is a language
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style is a language
articulate inner strengths & uniqueness thru wardrobe




confidence is a skill you can master

by setting your intention and then 

dressing to communicate your goal



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class 101

Investing time to explore what lies within you empowers you with keen awareness of your personality and dreams.  Review all the elements f your inspiration and be amazed how they lead to clarity and cohesion of your vision-board and style archetype. Identify the precise visual and verbal language of your intuitive style. Your take home PDF:

archetype & design vision board



class 201

Your unique color sense is visible in the films, art, books, architecture, landscapes you love.  Your intuitive color expertise, the psychology of color and your style archetype ensures your clothing choices are vision-oriented and keep you  aligned you to your daily business goals. Your take home PDF::

portrait & soul color palette




class 301

Calculating what you need and will really wear is what helps you build a 100% wardrobe of item you love, can easily combine and really wear. identify your 5 key pieces by identifying your best fabrics and proportions. Understand how to build a summer and winter wardrobe around investment and accent colors so you can easily and authentically dress for confidence on a variety of professional occasions. your take home PDF:

essential wardrobe elements chart




class 401

Preparing your unique personal magazine: a master plan that analyzes your best outfits and clarifies the language of your style so you are fluent in your colors, fabrics and shapes. Owning this unique to you language ensures your choices take your visual communication to the next level and  your wardrobe provides joy, confidence and influence. Take home PDF:

wardrobe master plan strategies


style is a language education

1. Develop fluency in your style language: bring to life your uniqueness and inner strengths.

2. Use your style language coherently in a variety of professional occasions: from daily business to the big day.

3. Wear style with a purpose to increase your professional impact and influence: be memorable, authentic, distinct and relevant.

Is your dream to dress with creativity and elegance both on casual and more formal occasions?  Would you love to be more influential in the workplace? Raise your profile or take your ability to communicate who you are and what you stand for to the next level? Do you desire to shine your light a little brighter but aren't sure where to start? Let me help you overcome what’s holding you back. My classes provide a clear, exciting, challenging and customized structure to ensure you achieve your dreams and vision.


each class includes

Class preparation brochure

Skype Intensive 1 hour

Skype follow-up 30 minutes

Personalized PDF of class outcome

Analysis of 10 outfits

Email support 


1 class 450€
4 classes 1500€

Lisa’s thorough preparation empowered me to dress and speak with authenticity and impact at the assessment center.
— N.L.
It’s remarkable how easily and quickly Lisa creates visual transformation. Without dictating right or wrong.
— Cara Noble, Munich