accessorize for visibility


I first posted this in 2013...and believe that five years on the photos are as timeless and creative as ever. The first photo is from Scott Schulman of The Satorialist. It remains one of my all time favorite style photos. I think she looks smart, wise, full of joy...and like she loves taking time to get dressed up.  When you accessorize boldly as she does, you cannot hide from the world that one of your signature character strengths is appreciation of beauty and excellence. That combining clothes, accessories, shapes and colors into a harmonious a creative process that gives you great pleasure. Yet she appears to have depth and wisdom...she is not covering up her appearance but underlining it. This woman will be seen when she walks into a room. What's the message? If you are giving a talk, attending a meeting or up for a new job and want to ensure you are seen and remembered...try accessorizing.

At a workshop a few days ago a young woman asked how her personal brand could appear more confident, stylish and extravagant. She wasn't sufficiently seen, heard and valued.   Simply adding gold hoops introduced drama and extravagance to her minimal grey and black outfit, all the while maintaining an understated vibe. The gold repeated the metal of her eyes and long blond hair. The hoops helped the eye travel upward to her face, adding clarity and polish to her look. Setting the intention to be visually visible prepares her to verbally express her message at meeting, talks and in all daily business. By intentionally accessorizing she can bring her strengths to life.


what's your accessory concept 

How you accesorize depends on what you want to show: drama. creativity, ethnic solidarity, playfulness, allure, elegance, romance. Below are some you review your inspiration photos you may find one of the concepts from below. Or discover a unique to you accessory system! So that you frame your face and are seen, heard and valued!

1. Intellectual drama: a black turtle neck and one striking piece

2. Elegant simplicity: an open white shirt and strands of fine gold chains

3. Cultural exploration: tons of handcrafted bangles up your arms

4. Joyous embellishment:  patterns, print and jewel mix

5. Dramatic simplicity: plain gold hoops and quality basics

6. Extravagance de luxe:  antique chandelier earrings and a suit

7. or.......


Whatever your system or systems, accessories ensure your faced is framed and people are drawn upwards. because.... you were made for be seen, heard and valued!