achieve a creative vision



“Creativity is inventing, experimenting, growing, taking risks, breaking rules, making mistakes and having fun.”




This quote by Mary Lou Cook fits perfectly to my experience of Gucci Garden in Florence. I experienced Allessandro Michele's freedom to experiment, break rules and have fun. This colourful inspiring place felt immediately quite familiar, like wandering into an Berlin second hand shop....where clothes and furniture rest side by side. Both the shop and exhibition hall ooze a botanical vibe. Truly like different plants and flowers all together in one big garden. 

It is exciting to be privy to someone's creative process because as the above quote says we know that to achieve their vision they experimented, had blocks, got through those blocks by taking risks and breaking rules. And had to live with not pleasing everyone. Because delving into your creativity and what moves you takes you to a vunerable that has to do with your unique journey.  I have great respect for Allesandro Michele's passionately colourful vision and how he stays true to it. And creating such a passionately clear and consistent vision. Especially because, when clients discuss what they would like to move toward, and what they want to move away from they share a concern. "What will my friends say...if I dress in a way that is too elegant, too creative, too young?  My answer is that if they love you, just like the quote, they will want you to grow, experiment, takes risks and have fun.  But doing that isn't easy...creativity is not for the meek, it requires boldness to present your vision and go against the grain. To be a baroque minimalist in a maximalist world. Or a baroque maximalist in a minimalist one. 



The clothes..well, I adored the shop assistant uniforms. Firstly, because they seemed so happy and confident in them. Secondly, because I loved the clarity of simple pieces combined with the decorated linen Gucci cardigan. 

The high contrast shininess was energising and joyous to be around. But for me to wear, the pure brights too much for my lower contrast coloring. The extremeness of the Gucci vision was helpful because it forced me into analytical dialogue as I wandered around the displays. Like, I love those turbans...why? Mmm, the drape and shape is beautiful and sophisticated and would add such an artistic note to a basic outfit. Lisa, what about the fabric? No way, too bright to shiny, I want one in matte nude silk so I feel sophisticated and elegant. Bright and shiny would make me feel like Gloria Swanson in Sunset Boulevard. 

Going to an exhibition is certainly not just to admire or love what is there...but also to really argue with it. This doesn't work, I can't stand this shape/fabric/color. ...Ah, now this I color I love. That is part of the creative process...battling it out to refine and filter what you love. Discovering your unique style language is a  allowing an animated dialogue to take place. Ensuring you reflect on what touches you and what not....and why. Whether that be in Gucci Garden, a film or book. Where has creativity has touched you recently....and why?

exhibitions help us connect the dots between someone else's creative vision and our own


sophisticated creativity is expressing your unique style

 language. borrowing from someone else's.

but staying true to yours.




And the shoes on the left? How would you wear them in order to remain true to yourself and your unique style language.  Whether it is Gucci or COS...the designer who created the item you are looking at...has her own style language and own creativity born out of a unique journey of life experiences. To make anything your own is an inward journey to reflect on what you want to express and why. The shoes are presented in a playful bright fun atmosphere. Understanding your style language empowers you with the artistic freedom and strategic wisdom to create an atmosphere that is uniquely yours. What would you do?