dress like like you mean business


Dressing for your professional success is not an issue of age or budget but of polish and grooming. The fabulous Linda W Wright looks modern, polished, creative and relevant. She owns Crimson, a high end clothing boutique in Paris. And absolutely looks like she does. Because simply from looking people presume to know your level of:

  • professionalism and credibility

  • ease with upper management

  • confidence and comfort being visible

  • education and experience

Sophistication is a skill that ensures you looking like you mean business whether you wear jeans or a suit. And simply adding a jacket like the two women below is not enough.


Executive presence highlights your talent and experience so your personal style aligns with your message.


The 'Halo Effect' has proven that most people who look successful and well-educated recieve preferential treatment in almost all their social and business enocunters. Naturally, successful dress cannot put an incompetent woman in the board room. But incorrect dress can certainly play a role in keeping her out. Both business verbal communication and  visual communication require knowing your audience and identifying your target group needs.  While your attire is a vehicle for personal expression you pay a price for not understanding the written and unwritten codes of your culture. Knowing the rules well allows you break them successfully.  If have mastered verbal communication strategies for increasing your impact don't undermine your efforts with dress lacking in refinement.  An authentic polished presence takes both skill and self-awareness and acceptance. Invest in yourself with style coaching coaching if you know you are lacking this skill.  


Executive presence happens in 1/250 of a second. Sophistication and refinement have immediate impact.