expressing your vision with unique basics




These 70's photos of Elsa Peretti show how effectively she dressed to present her personality, expertise and vision.  As a jewelry designer for Tiffany she wore basics because she needed a plain backdrop to highlight her beautiful organics jewelry. Basic means clothing items that have no decorative trim or patterns and can therefore combine easily with other items in your closet. Elsa's basics were plain in the fabric but unique in the cut and harmonised with the simple, minimal forms of her designs. But as helpful as basics can be, a wardrobe that contains only basic white t-shirts and shirts can lack creativity. When all your basics are standard you may feel your wardrobe doesn't express your vision and spirit effectively. You are missing UNIQUE basics. Taking stock of what you have helps you understand what is missing. Because right now your wardrobe is telling your story. In Tipping Point Malcom Gladwell writes about Harvard research on closets. People's friends ( who had known them for over 20 years) were given a questionaire to fill out. At the same time complete strangers were given the same questions and and 20 minutes alone in this person's wardrobe.

A 20 minute wardrobe audit provided more information than friends had gleaned in 20 years. What’s your wardrobe story?

1. WRITE down all you own in categories. This is the best way to shed light on what is happening inside your wardrobe. List the items and the colours. Ex 10 pairs trousers: 2 brown cotton casual, 5 black cotton casual etc.

2. CHECK where you have an 20 brown pullovers. But not enough trousers

3. CLARIFY what you are missing. Not enough light coloured tops or no dressy tops.

4. ANALYSE why it is missing. Often this happens in an area that isn't easy for you to find/buy. Maybe you have a hard time getting jackets that fit so you keep buying them hoping one will work for you. A wardrobe audit may identify the need for a custom made jacket. So instead of ten sitting unworn you have one you love, wear and easily combine.

5. CHOOSE three items that would add creativity and impact to your appearance. if you aren't sure  and would like support drop me a li