goddess in fluid fabric


If you are struggling to find trousers you feel confident and fabulous in this will help you understand why. Fashion history tells us that horse riding began about 3,400 years ago and trouser-making came shortly there after as riding in a robe was awkward. The first known trousers were shaped on a loom and needed no cutting or fitting:  three pieces of brown-colored wool cloth, one piece for each leg and an insert for the crotch.  Trousers were a practical military invention, helping men ( an Amazon women) increaser their mobility as warriors on horseback. Robes on the other hand were draped, easier to fit and less constraining for daly business. Looking at Greek goddess statues of curvy women it is easy to see how their body design was repeated by draped fabric.

I sewed my first pair of trousers at age eleven, a pair of Betsy Johnson bags ( wide legged pleated 20's style trousers) and learnt early on that fitting trousers was more complex than tailoring a skirt. For a skirt you need the waist and hip measurement. Trousers additionally require thigh and crotch measurements. This means if you are relatively straight from the waist down, with a flat stomach, and standard crotch depth finding trousers in non-stretch material is easy for you. If on the the other hand you have a fuller tummy, larger thighs or long rise it won"t be as easy to find a good fit in non-stretch material. You might end up feeling constrained and heavy in trousers made of stiffer denim or wool. Anything straight and heavy will work against your body rather than for it. Where your body is curvy and soft..... soft and fluid fabrics will repeat your body design. That is trousers from the 20's have a wide leg... the ideal fashion model was fuller than today and clothes were made to flow over a curvy fuller bottom. Fortunately, fabric technology has given us beautiful fluid fabrics like crepe de chine and viscose jersey that follow the lines of a curvy body, as do stretch fabrics in skinnier styles.

confidence starts with intentional dressing: whether your look is loose or body-con you want your clothes to look as though they were made for you and not intended for someone else.

If you are struggling with fit remember that your bodies right the way it is. But you may be choosing the wrong fabric type. Confidence stats with knowing your body type and honoring it. See-awareness is the key to walking into a room with confidence!