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Defining your personal brand is about exploring and creating parameters in your unique style language. The goal is to gain clarity so you show up more authentically and confidently in clothing that truly expresses who you are.   This is best explained by the architect Frank Gehry, talking about his horror job. He was contracted to build a home for a client and asked what his client about her requirements and wishes.  "None" was her answer, "Do whatever you want". Mr Gehry explains that no restraints made this his most difficult and joyless project. "Creativity" Gehry explained "is successfully dealing with constraints." It is precisely our constraints that make us unique and contain precious seeds for growth because dealing with them create the best results. Being forced to tap into your creative source ensures you do. Because everyone has boundaries that that need to be taken into consideration during wardrobe curation.



BUDGET: allotting a yearly sum for wardrobe ensures you think twice about what you buy. Having a budget constraint might initially seem confining but long term definitely helps you make wiser choices. Drawing up a budget radically transforms your shopping into buy less and better.

OVERSTUFFED WARDROBE: if you feel that it takes too much time to put together an outfit then this constraint is dying to teach you wardrobe planning. The old adage the more you know the less you need is true here. Learning about your best neutrals and accent colors is an amazing you walk past everything that won't combine easily. Becoming more awareness of your clothing goals and precisely what you need to communicate thru clothing, prevents you from simply amassing more.

STRENGTHS: many clients book me because they believe in order to express leadership they must give up dressing creatively or vice versa. Understanding how to express a character strength thru wardrobe forces you to appreciate the impact subtle changes can have. If you feel constrained by your need to express more creativity in a conservative environment, or if you are an artist wondering how to express more impact and influence in your dress......rejoice!  You can, it simply requires training your eye to create minimal changes that produce maximum results.

BODY TYPE: I took these photos some days ago in Treviso. And they are such a reminder that style is truly an attitude. Yes, different body types call out for different cuts and proportions...but I every woman can dress to be visible and stylish...regardless of body type. If you feel that you have a body constraint you may also rejoice! This too will force you to understand fabric, cut and proportion better so you can highlight what you have!




I hope you enjoy these wonderful women of style in Trevisio.  There is a fabulous cafe in the tiny Barberia street, but petite though the street is, a whole world of style parades joyfully past. I am inspiredly by the uniqueness of colors and cuts that each woman skilfully creates. And am sure that as polished and confident as they appear, they have wisely learnt to successfully deal with style constraints. Thru skillful dress, the world around them only notices how fabulous they look. when you learn your stye language, you inspire others, as these stylish women do. So constraints only add to your skill and confidence. In fact, this is what personal brand mastery is all about. 

This is an exciting time to be a woman of style and take advantage of all the great learning treasures nestled in side your constraints. If you are struggling to do this, book a vision board session with me...and watch a whole new world open up!