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I love beautiful images but the sheer amount available today can be overwhelming and even exhausting.  Everyone has a different capacity to process visual imagery and if you are like me, learning to selectively edit prevents you from becoming submerged under a mountain of other people's outfits and choices. With clothing buying less but better creates a more focused style. It is also true with all the beautiful photos available. Less allows the depth and nuance in a single image to speak. That is the first step in a consultation is analysing and editing inspiration photos to find the story. So much information is there...atmosphere, line, color, shape, volume, and archetype. Beside me as I write is the book from Lii Edelkoort's Spring/Summer 2019 Goddess forecast which I attended in December. On each page is one fashion photo and on the opposite page a historical reference and text. So simple. So easy to savour and understand. That is a rare luxury and one I truly appreciate for we know she has been through thousand of photos to select the 30 she used in the book. What do the images have in common: predominantly cream, gold, yellow, linen beige, orange and touches of bordeaux. Her perspective.

That is what we each own: a unique perspective, based on the stories and atmospheres that we are drawn to and touched by. Taking photos in Venice this week I saw such focus. The Ducal Place in cream and pink. The Pallazzo Gritti team room in aqua-green. The moody mysteriousness of Caravaggio and the bright jewel colors of Veronesi.

your personal color palette expresses color atmospheres and inspiration thru your wardrobe

In Milan last week I was touched by the green and gold of the Lubar restaurant in the modern art museum. And walked out and saw a green pleated dress in a window on Corso Venezia. You might have been touched by something else that evokes your perspective. A line, a shade or shape that might get lost if you do not take the time to stop and see what it is that you are drawn to. Leaving the fashion exhibit at Plazzo Morandi  I stopped to admire the pale golden bronze coloured floor. Moments later I walked past an entrance in the same color and then a jacket . And lo and behold, was led to a beautiful pair of glasses that had my name on the golden bronze frame. Serendipity Jung called it. the more you delve into your creative inspiration...the more the see it and the more it comes to you.


And then editing to stay on the path of your true north. When I do wardrobe audits I seldom find women who have too few clothes. It is hard to have an overview when your closet is stuffed and your wardrobe vision isn't clearly defined. The gems of nature and art provides clues to your perspective.  But if you are struggling to create a wardrobe vision and focus...drop me a line. And if you have a particular space that inspires you I would love to the line, the shape, the color atmosphere, the style archetype it evokes? 

In Milan two weeks ago, the restaurant Lubar and spring in the air at Antonio Marras

In Milan two weeks ago, the restaurant Lubar and spring in the air at Antonio Marras

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