the fascinating world of colour with a purpose


Creating a personal color palette isn't about choosing right or wrong colors. The process of creating a genetic and soul color palette goes much deeper to reveal who you are. This process takes you into a new world where you learn self acceptance of your genetic makeup and are inspired by how harmoniously your soul colors relate to your natural self.  If chic is about successfully combining clothing and accessories...elegance is you shining though. Elegance reduces clothing and accessories to the the woman is seen first.

Understanding your genetic portrait colours may mean letting go. Of how you think you need to be because we can't choose our contrast level. It simply is...low, medium or high. We can 't choose our eye or skin colour...and if neither were valued and appreciated in our early years this journey will enchant you as you learn to value your inherent beauty. You may initially find your hair or eye color drab and mousy..or too strong and overpowering. Even if the colours love may not intially love them. but over time you will be introduced to more subtle  color combinations, and through art and nature the beauty and richness these combinations provide. and you come to understand that you are a color expert. Through analysis of art, landscape and nature portraits you start connecting the colors dots and see how integrated your choices are with clothing you love and that loves you. What joy to tap into your instinctive sense of color. When you get dressed in the morning you can ask yourself do I want to communicate intimacy, presence, clam, excitement, high energy or understated calm. You are no longer tossed about in the wind by trends but in charge of your style destiny.


color with a purpose opens up an exhilarating world where you control the impression you make

It is a journey to understand and value all your colours. In time you will come to love...all shades of you. And  understand which colours make your exquisite beauty shine....and which less so.  AND, how to take those 'less so' colors and combine them so they work to your advantage. Most will be empowered to choose what you love. If you truly love a comes from a place deep in your soul...and is exactly the right colour for you!


Notice how the yellow dress is drastic requiring a stronger make-up but the flowered dress with rhodos overwhelms her. Understanding your unique colouring and beauty ensure you are highlighted not the dress!