the secret to a confident wardrobe capsule system

the foundation to wardrobe confidence. The language of your own wardrobe capsule system in two easy steps.  By image consultant Lisa Maria Pippus


You probably have a super functioning grocery system in place that intuitively starts working the minute you hit the supermarket. First, you head to the dairy section for mozzarella and butter, then over to veggies for carrots, cucumbers and tomatoes, followed by the fruit section with grapefruit and bananas. Whatever the specifics of your internal grocery system are, it allows you to zero in on food you need, love, can easily combine and really use. Imagine not having this internal system, using only 20% of the food you buy and wasting the other 80%! Yet, many women wear only 20% of their wardrobe with 80% seldom or never worn. A wardrobe you love, can easily combine and feel confident wearing can be a struggle to build. You see, if you want to try a new pumpkin soup, you just google and voila, a recipe customised to your specific wishes…appears. But where do you find a recipe for wardrobe success? One custom-designed for your unique professional goals, body type, colouring, budget AND personal dreams? You need a JUST-FOR-YOU wardrobe system!!! For it to be truly customised to your needs…you will need to develop it! Here’s how the four part process works:






How to use the 12 brand archetypes to create your own customised wardrobe capsule system by lisa Maria pippus

Personal brand language is crucial to wardrobe confidence because it reveals the two worlds your clothing has to bridge. The external world of your professional environment with its unwritten language of influence familiar to everyone. And the internal world of your dreams and vision, a language that makes your heart sing! Adjective by adjective, your language becomes an evaluation for all future purchases. Because personal style goes beyond the superficialness of fashion. It’s about the joy, beauty and impact of creating a uniquely-you intentional language. So your outer confidence based on inner clarity of purpose. Saving you time, money stress and wasted potential.

A clearly defined wardrobe capsule system brings Vivienne Westwood’s appel “ buy less, buy better” to life. Because the more you know, the less you need!

Over the past year, as I worked on my wardrobe confidence system I was helped by sooo many wonderful coaches, which I’m looking forward to writing about sometime soon. The journey took me to workshops in Paris, Florence and Barcelona, always searching to refine and understand more about language and meaning behind personal style. And today, I am delighted to present part one, based on the Margret Marks and Carol Persons amazing book, “The Hero and the Outlaw”, based on Carl Jung’s insight that language powerfully evokes language that exists in the collective conscious.

Part one taps into the language behind wardrobe confidence. As you do this excercise you are called to let go of any thoughts about clothing. Simply allow yourself to tap into how you want to show up in your corner of the world. Allow yourself to recognise the part of you not yet fully expressed. To ask yourself what have I been waiting to bring to life? Then you will be ready for part two. The exciting world of style archetypes is coming soon to STYLE IS A LANGUAGE!

wardrobe capsule system part one with Personal Brand Language .jpg

Let this exercise to be though-provoking, inspiring and transforming. Revealing the language of your soul and dreams. So you think bigger, expand the box and tap into personal power hitherto unknown. And identify the missing link…how to connect the language of influence in your business….TO YOU! And remember, if you want support in this process…THE FOUNDATION COACHING PACKAGE is only a click away!