the secret to a confident wardrobe capsule system


A successful wardrobe starts by identifying who you are and what you really need.


You probably have a super functioning grocery system in place that intuitively starts working the minute you hit the supermarket. First, you head to the dairy section for mozzarella and butter, then over to veggies for carrots, cucumbers and tomatoes, followed by the fruit section with grapefruit and bananas. Whatever the specifics of your internal grocery system are, it allows you to zero in on food you need, love, can easily combine and really use. Imagine not having this internal system, using only 20% of the food you buy and wasting the other 80%! Yet, many women wear only 20% of their wardrobe with 80% seldom or never worn. A wardrobe you love, can easily combine and feel confident wearing can be a struggle to build. You see, if you want to try a new pumpkin soup, you just google and voila, a recipe customised to your specific wishes…appears. But where do you find a recipe for wardrobe success? One custom-designed for your unique professional goals, body type, colouring, budget AND personal dreams? You need a JUST-FOR-YOU wardrobe system!!! For it to be truly customised to your needs…you will need to develop it! Here’s how the four part process works:


  1. BRAND personalities

  2. STYLE archetype

  3. COLOR concept

  4. WARDROBE CAPSULE essential basics

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help you authentically and confidently express who you are



CORPORATE ENVIRONMENT:Look at how management dresses, what do they wear on a daily basis. What do they wear to casual event and what are they wearing to more formal ones. Often women say to me that there is no dress code where they work. There is! You will see as you start over serving patterns. Look at the difference between how successful people in the marketing department dress from those on the legal team. Crucial is too observe and understand what imagery they value. Because knowing this frees you to successfully break or follow the dress codes.

FREELANCE ARTIST/DESIGNER/START UP: If you run an art gallery observe how people at the top of their game dress. It doesn’t mean that this is how you have to dress but it sure means that this is imagery that they recognise and value. Try and find out how they dress on a daily basis and what they wear to big events. Knowledge is power and the more you know, the better able you are to follow and successfully break the unwritten dress codes.


As you go though the words look at which one jump out at you. It’s not important that you are currently living this out. It is essential that you allow yourself to dream. Because later when you look at style archetypes you will understand that no matter how distant your comanys’s language is to your, there are elements of your personal language that you can incorporate into your style.

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Is there a huge gap, a small gap or actually an overlap because the language that makes your hear sing is the power language in your professional environment? What ever the situation simply knowing this information is empowering. Because as you come to choose your style archetypes, you will be able to make choices that truly express your desires and dreams. And bring in elements that ensure you are seen, understood and valued! Taking the time to do this crucial first step of your signature style pays off big time in the future. Because you really don’t want to go out and just buy more stuff. You want a wardrobe capsule that is beautiful and simple and makes getting dressed easy and fun. And mostly you want to know that the clothes you buy, sew, or thrift do two things. Communicate the language of your soul and dreams and ensure you are seen and valued. Let your personal brand allow you to think bigger, expand the box and tap into your personal power. Identifying the missing link…how to connect the language of influence in your business to the language of your dreams!

Brand personality language reveals the two worlds your clothing has to bridge. The external world of your professional environment with its unwritten power language familiar to everyone. And the internal world of your dreams and vision, a language that makes your heart sing! Your brand language helps you evaluate all future purchases. Because it’s about the joy, beauty and impact of creating a uniquely-you intentional language. So your outer confidence based on inner clarity of purpose.

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12 Brand Archetypes lisa maria pippus.png