Personal branding & style coaching program


 A 3-step online image consulting program to bring your beauty and personal strengths to life

Whether you are an artist, accountant or academic... you can look the part and have substance behind your appearance. The secret? Transformational personal style consulting that increases your professional impact. Taps into your creative and intuitive style sense. And identifies how you can use your wardrobe to communicate a unified personal brand vision.


How it works

The entire program takes place remotely, combining guidebooks and preparation activities to be completed prior to our online Skype consultations, which are scheduled at your convenience.

Each stage of the program involves elements of style research, personal ‘homework’ and Skype calls with professional image consultant Lisa Maria Pippus, who will help you unlock your own personal brand and style language.

At the end of each stage, you will take away personalized documents that you can use for future stages, as well as reference for all future shopping or wardrobe edits. You can use your personalized brand and style documentation as a brief to become your own personal shopper. Or, once you’ve completed the 3-step program, add a wardrobe consultation with Lisa to learn from a pro how to inject your personal brand into your wardrobe.




Defining your brand persona from the twelve brand archetypes is a crucial step for your personal brand. It empowers you to:

  • Understand the language of impact and influence in your company/field, so you can show that you know the game and get listened to.

  • Intentionally choose the brand persona that makes your heart sing. Because at the heart of impact and influence is authenticity.

  • Build a wardrobe based on a strong foundation because you are clear about how you truly want to be seen in the world. Your clothing choice won't be superficial or random but based on purpose-driven vision that brings to life your strengths and beauty.


Personal Style Consultation: 1 hour Skype call
Preparation: reading brochure, choosing archetypes language, reviewing personal brand foundation, 7 selfies
Brochure: 43 page BRAND VISION MAGIC ebook
Take home: 2 page personal brand foundation

Price: 150€


“Not vain or superficial... rather about self-awareness and using clothing as a tool to truthfully communicate who I am. An invaluable experience!”

— Karen Seven, actress

2. style VISION


Fashion is a system that produces an overwhelming amount of merchandise for you to choose from. Understanding the language, lines, shapes and colors that form each of the twelve style tribes empowers you to:

  • Choose a style tribe who imagery allows you to be immediately seen, hear and valued in your company, industry or field.

  • Choose a tribe whose imagery makes your heart sing because the lines, colors and shapes bring your beauty and strengths to life.

  • Make a connection from your inspirations in art, nature, landscape, fashion & photos to the lines, shapes and colors in your style tribe choices.


Personal Style Consultation: 2 x 1 hour Skype calls
Preparation: 7 selfies, inspiration photos, review of brochure, new selfies shots, review of 4 page style tribe clarity
Brochure: 46 page STYLE VISION MAGIC ebook
Take home: 4 page style tribe clarity

Price: 300€


“A journey of self-discovery. My key learning: style is less a question of money and status, rather a process of understanding and acceptance. Thank you Lisa!”

— Evelyn Pagel, editor


Understand the art & psychology of color

Understand essential color principles and learn to combine your favourite colors effortlessly. And effectively use colors that aren't in your natural palette. Be empowered to:

  • Break down the complexity of color into contrast, intensity and temperature and master color so you highlight your strengths and beauty exactly the way you desire.

  • Create a personal color palette that includes your physiological colours and those that touch your soul. Sorting and editing your colors into systematic palette that makes getting dressed, shopping and color combining a joy.

  • Build a wardrobe based on a palette of investment colors that become your workhorses. And choose accent colors that make your heart sing and highlight your beauty and strengths.


Personal Style Consultation: 2 x 1 hour Skype calls
Preparation: 2 PDF vision boards: investment and favourite accent colors
Brochure: 30 page ART & PSYCHOLOGY OF COLOR ebook
Take home: 5 page color palette

Price: 300€

 style consulting and personal brand image using color

"Lisa crosses the bridges between human empathy, aesthetic analysis, and psychology to explore not only the visual characteristics of style, but the personality underpinning it as well."

— A. Wroblewska, Johannesburg


Once you’ve completed the 3-step online image consulting program, you can book a Wardrobe Consultation, online or in person, to apply your personal brand to your wardrobe.

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"I am impressed at how quickly you can create an atmosphere of intimacy and respect. You have an amazing gift to help each woman discover, value and express her personality."

Gunda Lahn, journalist

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