style is a language
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style is a language
articulate inner strengths & uniqueness thru wardrobe





every woman has an intuitive sense of style & inner strengths but....

bringing them to life consistently, coherently and effectively is a challenge. My name is Lisa Maria Pippus and I teach style with a purpose. My passion is helping woman communicate truthfully, creatively and confidently through wardrobe. So their contribution is seen, listened to and valued. On the big day and every day.





style vs clothes


style with a purpose creates a wardrobe built on your inner strengths and personal uniqueness 

The world now consumes 80 billion clothing items per year up 400% from 20 years ago. If you shop without a purpose your intuitive sense of style overwhelmed by the staggering selection available, and goes into hiding, submerged in your subconscious. You consume clothes you don't love, need, or wear resulting in a closet full of clothes but few outfits that effectively communicate your uniqueness, creativity and expertise on all your professional occasions. Style with a Language classes bring your intuitive sense of style out of hiding and back to life. 


your know clothes have the power to increase your confidence but...

 ...if you bring an item home from the shop and in front of your mirror item feel too old, young, silly, conservative, crazy, fat, skinny...the article of clothing  joins the other orphans in your wardrobe and you lose personal power. You shop to increase your personal power in the form of more creativity, clarity, authority, sexiness, relevance, distinction etc. That's why it's crucial to zero in on items that 100% express your purpose and walk past clothes that won't. Dressing for personal power ensures your strengths shine and your impact and influence increase.


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whatever your job

style with a purpose

empowers you to externally

communicate internal attitudes 

When you align your visible and verbal message you can be sure

that it is clear, memorable, distinct, authentic and relevant. 

Style is a Language education is here to take your communication to the next level.


style is a language

visual communication is immediate and accelerates your credibility