style is a language

Your appearance, voice and story are


I help you align your brand with your vision.

Your Personal Branding workshop was amazing. You gave us the skills to stand out from the crowd. Thank you Lisa!
— Silke Friebe, Bayer Crop Science

A powerful personal brand isn't luck or talent.

It is purpose-driven dress and speech. A skill you can learn.

1. self awareness

We strategize how you are currently being perceived and your vision for your brand.

This is the first crucial step to close the gap between how you are currently seen and the

impression you really want to make. 

2. elegance

Simplicity and elegance go hand in hand. They reduce your message to its essence. Because

as Steve Jobs said "Design is not how it is how it works." whether it is your PPT

slides or your outfit less is more.

3. purpose

Intention empowers you to share your unique perspective.

A clear purpose aligns your visual and verbal message ensuring your

story is seen, heard and understood.