bringing strengths to life thru wardrobe


Every woman has a style language that is uniquely hers. Fluency in your intuitive style language empowers you to bring your strengths to life thru wardrobe. To dress with impact and influence both casually and formally. Always remaining true to your self. 



Learn to describe your own beauty as positively and clearly as you can an art masterpiece, flower or sunset.



Dress to express executive presence so your personality and leadership are seen, heard, and valued.


Communicate empathy thru your wardrobe and increase trust in your professional  relationships. 


Translate your inspiration photos into sophisticated, elegant, creative  and authentic wardrobe items.


Get your intuitive style sense back




lisa maria pippus

I help women bring their strengths to life thru wardrobe. And stay true to themselves. 

Impact and influence start long before you open you get dressed. They start with a clear vision of how you want to show up and a system in place to identifies the colors, lines, shapes and volume that communicate your beauty and strengths.  My coaching program ensures you become skilled in your style language. And reclaim your intuitive style sense so your strengths come to life.


"I was transported into this beautiful space and re-introduced to my femininity through a palette of colours that made me feel grand, present and beautiful."

— aggy akuamoah, head of production, rrp media


You want to dress with distinction, authenticity and creativity? To increase your influence so your perspective is listened to and valued? My transformational coaching program takes your style to the next level.





1. style VISION

Defining your core strengths, brand archetypes and style archetypes identifies a clear style vision and  communicates who you are and where you are going.


2. wardrobe ELEMENTS

Color confidence, essential wardrobe key pieces, and pattern and accessory mastery.  These wardrobe elements allow you to zero in on clothing that supports your strengths and beauty.


3. big day OUTFIT

You have a big day coming up: a crucial conversation, a special presentation or any occasion where you want to express your personality, expertise and vision and walk into the room oozing confidence. 


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Discover exciting and informative blog posts on how personal branding, style vision  and wardrobe elements can help you more effectively communicate your strengths. 

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