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how to choose glasses in 10 steps

There is a staggering selection of glasses available. How to choose a pair that best reflect your personal brand & style? Because that is what you want…to be sure the glasses you choose reflect your personality and highlight your personal stye and beauty. Although this post was originally published some years ago, knowing how to choose glasses that suit your personal style……

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style inspiration & challenges

Defining your personal brand is about creating parameters to help you gain clarity. This is best explained by the architect Frank Gehry, talksing about the his horror job. He was asked to build a home for a client and asked what the client what she wanted.  The whatever you want. Mr Gehry explains that with no restraints it was his most difficult ever job.

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accessorize for visibility

I first posted this in 2013...and believe that five years on the photos are as timeless and creative as ever. The first photo is from Scott Schulman of The Satorialist. It remains one of my all time favorite style photos. I think she looks smart, wise, full of joy...and like she loves taking time to get dressed up.  When you accessorize boldly as she does, you cannot hide from the world …

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