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empowering you to make smart wardrobe choices so you’re seen, valued and remembered


MY passion: style & communication

Hello, I’m Lisa Maria Pippus, The Brand Stylist, and I'm on a mission to empower professional men and women to create an incredible personal brand.

I've spent almost 15 years as an image consultant and along the way have seen firsthand the impact that personal branding through wardrobe can have. I've seen weak personal branding get in the way of a woman reaching her potential and I've seen how doors open and opportunities are created when the right focus, vision and communication are expressed. I passionately believe that everyone has an a unique message and perspective that needs to be communicated. Invisibility and lack of confidence don’t need to be. You can be in control and in the driver’s seat. I'm here to help you unlock the potential within your unique persona brand. I create a range of packages, workshops, online courses and blog posts designed to empower you to create a Distinct Signature Style you can be truly proud to call your own. Combining my fashion background from Vancouver, Toronto and Milan with my corporate communication training in Berlin. I help clients dress to express their unique expertise and create immediately visible credibility.

  1. I help you bring personality strengths to life

If 2019 is the year where you are ready for a transformational journey to your distinct signature style, I would love to support you on this journey of discovery and set-awareness. And help you master style as a communication tool, digging deep to understand the story-rich layers of your personality and how to translate them into a wardrobe of effortless elegance that highlights your unique beauty and professional purpose!


2. I help you support your team with results-oriented workshops

If you have valuable tams members who are struggling to show up and express their full potential, let’s talk. If you have a talented tam member or members who struggle to communicate executive presence, I can help you explain the benefits of coaching and get them excited to take their visual expression to the next level. Or create a customised team-building workshop that increase executive presence and your bottom line. If this is what you need for your team in 2019, drop me a line and let’s chat!


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