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Personal Brand coach, lisa maria pippus

a transformative journey

I am so passionate about personal brand coaching because it has allowed me to bring all of my personality strengths and expertise to life. It is the art and science of connecting the dots so that my careers as stylist, presentation trainer, business English trainer and fashion designer come together. And that s how I want to help you, to bring together your unique and diverse strengths and expertise into one powerful articulate story that communicates your vision. So you can show up more in the workplace, understand what clothing suits you, bring your personality strengths and beauty to life. My courses combine my fashion background from Vancouver, Toronto and Milan. As well as, twenty years corporate communication and image training experience in Berlin. An exciting and effective program that teaches you how to express your personality strengths through immediate visual credibility.

style is a language

Is 2019 is the year for a transformational journey to your powerful personal brand? My online and in-person course teach you to master style as a communication tool. First, by understanding the story-rich layers of your personality. Then learning how your best silhouettes, fabrics and colors translate into a wardrobe of effortless elegance. Highlighting your unique beauty and shining your professional purpose. Style is a language that you can learn so you more clearly articulate who you are and what you stand for.

empowering female leadership

If you have valuable team members who struggle to show up and express their full potential, let’s talk. I can help you explain the benefits of executive presence coaching and get them excited to take their visual expression to the next level. Or create a customised team-building workshop that inform and encourages and is a game-changer. STYLE IS A LANGUAGE was built on the desire to empower women with a common language to powerfully communicate their style. In doing so, you can eliminate the noise caused by so much choice and zero in on the story that is uniquely your to tell. Welcome to Style is a Language. I'm so happy that you are here.


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