what is personal branding?

At STYLE IS A LANGUAGE, I help you become a visionary strategist not just a shopper and consumer. We start with the same methodology used by some of the world's most powerful brands to unlock the unique story in you. The world's most powerful brands leverage the stories we all know and love to tap into our emotions and cause us to believe. The same powerful story of myth that is carefully constructed and applied to brands to powerful effect, is alive and well in you. I believe it is a game-changer when you learn how to transfer your story: personality strengths, expertise and education into your wardrobe and powerfully bring who you are to life.



what is unique about your approach?

A Personal Stylist: identifies your best colours and clothing styles for you.
A Personal Shopper: takes you shopping to add new items/outfits to your wardrobe.
An Image Consultant: comes before shopping or touching your wardrobe and helps you create the framework for your own personal style signature.

STYLE IS A LANGUAGE APPROACH: is a collaboration because you are the expert on you! I provide you with guidance throughout this process as you unlock YOUR OWN STYLE FRAMEWORK: brand personality, style archetypes and best colors. The result: you become your own personal stylist and own personal shopper – able to build the IDEAL WARDROBE CONCEPT for your specific needs.

Once you’ve been through the process of personal brand and style coaching with an image consultant such as me, you may feel completely ready to create your WARDROBE CONCEPT Or you may book additional help through wardrobe audit coaching. This guides you through a wardrobe audit and identifies what’s working and what’s in your current wardrobe. As well as analysing seldom worn items to understand your buying patterns. You shop your closet and uncover many exciting new wardrobe combinations. Your action plan reveals which missing items need to create a capsule wardrobe, allowing items to effortlessly combine with each other.



why personal branding before shopping?

I’m glad you asked because the answer is about my dream for you! I want to help you communicate your full potential, not add more stuff to your wardrobe. So you are empowered you to paint an intentional portrait of yourself daily through your verbal and visual language choices. Wardrobe building and shopping are wonderful, but long before we do that, I want to help you become aware of your options and become intentional about aligning your visual and verbal communication. Because authenticity is at the hear of impact and influence, I want to help you understand how to successfully and honestly tell your story thru wardrobe.You probably have loads of clothes that you never wear. That’s why my job isn’t to to help you accumulate more stuff but to develop a style framework and wardrobe concept. So in the future you buy only items you love, can easily combine and will really wear. Making confident, authentic and elegant outfit decisions easy to make.

Every smart, successful company has a vision or mission statement that drives everything they do. If they don’t they can end up pursuing endeavors that aren’t mission-critical - wasting time and money on projects that won’t yield a good return or take them in the right direction. The same is true of your own sense of style. Without a clear vision, you end up spending money on on-trend or on sale items that looked good on the model, or because you have always wanted a xxxx… but now have no idea how to incorporate it effectively into your wardrobe. This scatter-gun approach creates a confused collection of haphazard pieces that may not be sending the right visual cues to colleagues, clients, or your audience. Can you honestly say that what you have in your wardrobe right now is a good representation of who you are – or who you want to be?

Dressing with impact means your choices are deliberate, purpose-driven and aligned with the image you aim to convey. Image consulting is about coaching you to discover and define the words, colors, ideas and elements of style that speak to you, both on a deep emotional level and practical level. Image consulting isn’t about telling you what to wear; it’s about helping you decide what will work for you, based on your own style and professional goals. It’s about giving you the confidence to go into a shop and bypass all the “chaff” - the clothing that’s not a part of your vision - and hone in on the “wheat”, the timeless pieces that will enhance and unify your personal image rather than detract from it. Shopping with a vision saves you time, money, and stress. Why learn about all 12 style archetypes not just mine?

Another great question! The amount of clothing available online and in shops is overwhelming. Style archetypes breaks the entire fashion systems into 12 categories. Not only is it exciting to have this big picture view but the wisdom you gain about color, line and shape is invaluable. This two hour time investment (plus homework) will pay off 100x over. Knowing the lines, shape and colors of each archetypes is fun, easy and such an eye-opener. These insights allows you to walk past the 90% that won’t create a successful wardrobe concept and zero in on the 10% that will. AND it is simply transformational to get how a whole systems works and be in the drivers seat!

how do you approach color?

This question is at the heart of what I do! Over the last 15 years I have trained with the world’s best image consultants. And noticed that as a rule, their own personal color palettes are all under eight colors. The standard color palettes in the 4 seasons method are 36 or 48 colors! These top consultants have a palette of eight colors because they want a small, elegant curated wardrobe that is easy to combine, pack and add to. And eight colors provides an amazing array of choices! Opening your closet to more colors makes getting dressed a challenge! If you look at most fashion designers you will see that they too have a reduced color concept so getting dressed is easy and they stay on brand. My clients ae busy, successful professional women who want a small, exciting, beautiful easy to manage wardrobe. So when they open their wardrobe in the morning, their beautiful color concept makes getting dressed effortless and joyful. Adding a few well-chosen items per season refreshes their wardrobe and is easy to do!. If this is what you to want then THE COLOR CONCEPT will make you very happy!


Do you only offer style consulting for women over 40? Why?

I am passionate about helping clients achieve the visible results they desire, and want to work with highly motivated women. The more eager to grow and learn my clients are, the more they benefit from the image consultant coaching. Women over 40 are ambitious about bringing more creativity to the table, as they have experienced how draining personal style that doesn’t truthfully communicate their artistic side can be. Perhaps they have attended numerous personal development workshops yet struggle to express executive impact and influence and are really ready for image consulting to bring out their personal brand and style. Some women who have established leadership positions believe they have sacrificed empathy in order to be seen, heard and valued. And now desire to personal branding and personal style to help them ensure visual and verbal empathy is a central aspect of their leadership. However, if you are under 40, highly motivated and the above statements resonate with you, I would be delighted to offer my image consulting services to help you achieve more authenticity and impact in your company or field!



Where & when can our style consulting sessions take place?

My online image consulting package offers personal branding, personal style and personal color palette all via Skype calls. This means that wherever you are in the world we can be connected and work together! I offer wardrobe audits for clients around the world online, and an in-person service for clients in Berlin/Germany/Europe.



Can I offer personal brand coaching to my team?

Absolutely! I have been successfully offering challenging, fun and effective interactive workshops to companies thoughout Germany and Europe over the past 20 years. Personal brand workshops provide valuable insights and results around executive presence AND are amazingly effective as joyous, fun-filled team building events. Every workshop is customized to fit the team and company needs to ensure an inspiring event that yields positive desired visible outcomes. Get in touch to discuss team image consulting.


Still have questions, or want to book a session?