Imagine walking into a room confident

your personality strengths
& expertise are shining


Personal Branding strategies
bring your personality strengths to life

what do you want to make visible

ambition, adventurous, amazing, artistic, authority, aesthetic, clear, compassionate,  confidence, creative, convincing, courage, disruptive, effective, excitement, expertise, expressive, fearless, joy, leadership, influential, intellectual, minimal, polished, powerful, sophisticated, strong, successful, non-conformist, wisdom, visionary…..& many more


take advantage of the system
behind how we judge appearance

understand the silhouette, fabric and color secrets that allow you to easily identify: lawyer, art director, kindergarten teacher

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be intentional about how you show up




lisa maria pippus

I believe personal branding
can help you shine your light

….so you walk into a room and confidently communicate your expertise. By investing in
your own growth you become a role model, encouraging others to shine their potential.
This is leadership at its best….

personal style consultant Lisa Maria Pippus
online image consulting

"Lisa re-introduced
me to my femininity
through a colour
palette that made
me feel present and beautiful."

head of production


style is a language

Personal Brand & Wardrobe Packages

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Style starts before you open your closet or walk into a shop. It starts with a personal brand to guide all your future choices. This coaching will save you time, stress and money for years to come.

personal brand package: 450€


Takes place after Personal Brand is completed. The 100% wardrobe is clothes you love, can easily combine and feel confident wearing. Always staying true to yourself.

the 100% wardrobe package: 1050€


"You have an amazing gift to help each woman discover, value and express her personality through wardrobe."

G. Lahn, journalist

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image and style consultant Lisa Maria Pippus


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