the personal brand coaching system
strengths + silhouette + color
identifies personality strengths
and brings them to life through wardrobe


Thanks to Lisa’s very introspective and empowering style journey, I now more confidently affirm my personality through my style.


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lisa maria pippus

Personal Brand Coach

I am passionate about women make their personality strengths and expertise visible through wardrobe.
Becoming more aware of your strengths and how to bring them to life is a double win. Firstly, you communicate better. and by shining your light, can encourage others to shine their potential.

personal style consultant Lisa Maria Pippus
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"Thanks to Lisa, I understand the power of being consistent in my clothing choices :less colors, less shapes but the right ones to express who I want to be so people get it."

delphine mousseau,
board member & consultant

image and style consultant Lisa Maria Pippus


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