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the secret to a confident wardrobe capsule system

You probably have a super functioning grocery system in place that intuitively starts working the minute you hit the supermarket. First, you head to the dairy section for mozzarella and butter, then over to veggies for carrots, cucumbers and tomatoes, followed by the fruit section with grapefruit and bananas. Whatever the specifics of your internal grocery system are, it allows you to zero in…..

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achieving wardrobe wisdom thru moodboards

An actress friend asked me some years back if I didn't get bored working with corporate clients. And if I wouldn't  love to work with 'creatives'. No was my very clear answer. I am never magician archetype knows that inside everything seemingly ordinary is something extraordinary waiting to find its way to the light. Because each of us is full of  inspiring images.

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get a style vision

I remember so  vividly a fashion crush moment at the Marangoni fashion school in Milan. It was the early eighties, she was a classmate in the fashion illustration class. The object of my crush was one particular ensemble, a cobalt blue mens cardigan, white shirt, black cigarette jeans, white socks and black ballerinas. I don't remember being fascinated by any other outfit but this one touched me deeply.

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