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love your beauty

About ten years ago I had a client, who, when shown her skin color...said "that is the most horrible color ever". When I asked why she taught so she said as a child whenever they were out shopping and she and her mum came across this toffee color, whether in a carpet of coat, her mum would remark " what a horrible color." And this became imprinted on her brain, this shade of horrible.

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color analysis benefits

Feeling beautiful and confident is a process of understanding and acceptance. Understanding the unique language of your body and features....empowers you with great self-acceptance. I am a big believer in the power of  coaching and an outside opinion. And am immensely grateful, even  over just this past year, to all the wonderful coaching I have received. Why?

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choosing a color concept

I am sure that one of the first questions that popped into anyone's mind who got an invite to the royal weding was...What will I wear. And rightly so, the even was televised around the world and thousand of photographer caught people at every possible angle. And so many people nailed it, including of course Meghan Markle...but that is for my next blog post.

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