confident style requires confident thoughts


Confidence doesn't start when you walk into the meeting or interview but when you open your closet and intentionally decide what your agenda is and how you need to achieve it: by listening, by powerfully stating your case, by showing empathy etc. Solution-oriented thinking requires looking at yourself in the mirror and describing what you see in positive terms. Your THOUGHTS inevitably become words.  And your words will either be solution-oriented or destructive. By speaking beautifully about your own genetic colors you encourage yourself AND your family, friends and co-workers to speak beautifully about themselves. You may be the first person to do so. Perhaps no one has ever told them how marvelous their beige, brown or grey hair is.  How you speak about your colors has the power to uplift and encourage or to hurt and cause pain. Both you and others. When you speak about beige, brown, grey hair as boring and drab send a message to others ...that the colors of their beauty is not exciting, wonderful or modern.

You can speak life into your beauty when you understand, accept and love your, eyes, skin. And appreciate how your intuitive choices relate to their physicality. Knowing God has provided you with physical coloring and favorite colors...that work exquisitely and perfectly together! Often the first time I show clients their hair, eye or skin color they tell me how awful it is. Whether from a friend or family member, teacher or TV commerical... they received a message that their skin, eye or hair colors weren't beautiful. Unintentional most likely.......but damaging none the less.  You can change this today by taking captive thoughts that aren't encouraging and replacing them with words that speak life into your beauty.  

Confidence is directly related to acceptance of your beauty.  

We cannot dislike how we look and exude authentic confidence.  Blond clients often tell me they hate beige, it is drab and boring they say. I suggest finding positive words to describe the color: sand, shell, honey, wheat, soft or radiant golden?  African clients have guessed it...they hate brown. Might espresso, mocha, walnut, chocolate, mahoganny... be language that you find sophisticated, elegant and uplifting? A client with green eyes once said "that is the last color I would wear. It is too woodsy." Then perhaps emerald, olive, chartreuse, jade or kelley. Choose language that inspires you...that is enchnting and creative...if woodsy doesn't inspire you..

Each of us has beautiful colors and combinations... ones despite what the media tell us. Fashions magazine might say beige is out...not true...blonde hair is never out. Brown skin or hair is never out. And neither is grey nor any color in our face and body. Be empowered in your word choice, about how you look and what you plan to achieve today. Start the day filled with gratitude for what you have and that includes your eye, hair and skin hue!


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