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achieving wardrobe wisdom thru moodboards

An actress friend asked me some years back if I didn't get bored working with corporate clients. And if I wouldn't  love to work with 'creatives'. No was my very clear answer. I am never magician archetype knows that inside everything seemingly ordinary is something extraordinary waiting to find its way to the light. Because each of us is full of  inspiring images.

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style inspiration concept

I love beautiful images but the sheer amount available overwhelming and even exhausting.  Everyone has a different capacity to process visual imagery and learning to selectively edit prevents you from becoming submerged under other peoples outfits and choices. Just as with clothing buying less but better creates a more focused style so it is also true with all the beautiful photos available.

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confident style requires confident thoughts

Confidence doesn't start when you walk into the meeting or interview but when you open your closet and intentionally decide what your agenda is and how you need to achieve it: by listening, by powerfully stating your case, by showing empathy etc. Solution-oriented thinking requires looking at yourself in the mirror and describing what you see in positive terms.

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