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learning from lii edelkoort

I got a mail yesterday from a French client asking if we could have a session on presentation do's and don'ts for her upcoming work in Germany. We have worked together over the past year on her professional style and this will be a chance for her to even more clearly articulate her purpose. Clients come to me for two reasons...some because they want to increase their impact and influence….

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golden globes style lessons

Some years ago my son's class puzzled about why the new art teacher wore a black suit and t-shirt everyday. One youngster plucked up the courage to ask and received this answer " I choose black because I want my art to communicate but I remain neutral". Is that possible my son queried. Of course my answer was no...we can not NOT communicate. Every outfit sends a message. 

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decorative with a purpose

How decorative can you dress for work? How creative can I look? Two questions I am often asked. clients contact me because they want to show upon the most authentic, creative and clear way possible. And often struggle if others are dressed in a much more conservative manner. Yet according to a Boston consulting 2016 report...innovation is the most indeed skill for talents to possess. so how to achieve this with style...the answer is with purpose!

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